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Plan Your Lesson Ahead

HEUX’s easy-to-use lesson plan programme and interactive e-learning software allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, access web content and pre-load reference materials on our cloud systems so you can access them anytime, anywhere.
Lesson Delivery Visual
Convert PowerPoint
Convert PowerPoint & PDF
Slides into Interactive
Whiteboard Slides
Simple & Intuitive
Web Surface
Upload Other
Reference Materials
Cloud Storage
Re-use Lesson Plans
stored in Cloud Storage

More Than Just Presentation Slides

Collaboration Features

Write, Edit, Highlight

Presentation slides, once uploaded, are converted into virtual whiteboards that enable commentary and illustration using a pen tool, text input, highlighter, eraser or colour palette. Modify the background by selecting an image from the picture gallery, camera or pre-defined templates.

Conduct Polls

Conduct polls in class to assess your students. Choose from either Multiple-choice options, True/False or Traffic light questions.


Host on HEUX real-time discussions; encourage students to share ideas, discuss thoughts and present answers.

Go Online

Explore the Internet and go beyond presentation slides. Don't limit resources to just teaching materials, utilise the internet and let the students navigate along with you.

Enhance The Classroom

Students Screen

Observe Screen

Real-time monitoring of students;
observe your students’ screens and
provide guidance if necessary.

Note: Only Windows 7 and Android devices with administrative access
can be observed.
Students Submission

Tag Submission

You can tag any slide for submission,
wait for the students’ responses,
review them, and share the one you
think is best.
Lock Screen

Lock Screen

Command attention conveniently during a lesson. Lock the students’ screen and prevent them from accessing other applications.

Note: Only Windows 7 & Android devices can be locked.


Synchronise slide navigation; as the teacher flips through slides, students follow.
Slide Creation

Slide Creation

Slides can be created on the fly during the lesson.

Co-Edit Option

Share classroom control with your students; allow them to present their ideas to the class.
Student List

Student List

View the list of students participating in the lesson at the tap of a button.

Across Several Operating Systems

Compatibility issues are a thing of a past. Be it an iPad, an Android tablet or a Windows 8 laptop. HEUX can operate on several devices across different operating systems.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Push Cart

Push-Cart Model

The organisation or learning institute issues a push-cart of mobile tablet devices whereby educators and students can use to conduct and participate in lessons respectively.

Lab or Classroom

Educators and students leverage on existing mobile devices and/or laptops in school to conduct lessons in the classroom or computer lab.


Educators and students are free to bring their own tablet devices or laptops from home to conduct class and participate in lessons respectively.